Whether you have been on the path of self-exploration since yesterday or for 50 years or more, you might sometimes wonder where is this path is taking you. You might be dreaming about enlightenment and becoming oneness with all things, but the more conscious and aware you get, the harder it might be for you to spend time in crowded areas, talk with a depressed person, or watch the news on TV. Where does the daily life challenges, your angry neighbor and rebellious teenager fit into your Nirvana and constant Zen mode? Perhaps leaving it all behind and seeking peace in the cave somewhere in the Himalayas is not the best choice for now, and finding balance right here and right now is possible?
The most important step on the conscious path is to be willing to be aware of everything. As good and easy as it sounds, it sometimes is not the most comfortable experience.    
It does take courage to choose awareness no matter what, to be willing to see that this person might not necessarily be telling the truth, that this promising business deal might not work out, that the person you believed to be The One might not be that after all. 
You all have been in those situations when you wished things didn’t turn out the way you were afraid they would. Or maybe you knew the outcome before and just didn’t want to acknowledge that, since your awareness didn’t match the fantasy or hope that you held onto.
Running away from something you need to address or face will only compile future problems.
What if next time instead of turning the other way, you could look the fear, worry or doubt straight in the eyes and ask: ‘What choices do I have here? What possibilities are out there? What choice will create more?’
By deciding to look for other possibilities and take conscious action, rather than be passive, you are changing the course of your future. 
What if you started trusting you and your intuition? What if you followed it even if it made no logical sense?
You can use it in situations when you have no idea where to go next, what path to take or what decision to make.
We all have the capacity to perceive the energy. It takes a while to learn how to navigate the world of energies. Yet, by choosing to open up to the energies around you, by embracing them, by inviting them, they will begin to play with you, contribute to you, enrich your life. There will be no limit to what you can create, how you can inspire the people around you and even the world.