My first conscious encounter with a ghost happened about six years ago.

I just took a first day of “Talk to the Entities” class, and my homework was to talk to an entity — if one comes to me. I went on an evening walk “looking” for energy interested in communicating with me. 

Suddenly I perceived something, and began to ask questions: Do I know this person? Is it someone from my family? What popped in my head was, “It’s my Babcia!” —my Grandma (my mom’s mom) from Poland.

 My Grandma was a wonderful woman who died suddenly from a stroke at 67 years old. Her life was difficult. She worked on a farm, had five children, and demanding husband. She was always loving and kind and was known as a village “Medicine Woman” who helped those in need.

For me, she was synonymous with warmth, protection, unconditional love, and yummy food cooked on the wood stove.

Although she was a wonderful conversationalist when she was alive, she didn’t “say” much when she came to me. She said, “I love you. Keep going,” and then left. From that evening on she “visited” me regularly, always in the same manner, keeping it short and sweet.

One day when she visited me again, I acknowledged her choice to die suddenly and so early in life. I told her, “Babcia, I know your life was hard and, even though I love you and miss you so much, I understand your decision to leave.” 

Babcia was the soul of our family who kept all of us together, and after she passed, almost instantly, we became less close. Everyone seemed to blame her for abandoning us, and no one was “letting her go,” much less respecting her choice to leave. 

After sharing my feelings with her, I felt immense relief and gratitude coming from her. I cried uncontrollably. Guilt and anxiety and all the emotions that were projected at her and have accumulated over the years released in seconds. It was very intense and cathartic.

I learned from this experience that we are aware of energies around us and sometimes can feel emotions that are not ours. What I felt was so real and powerful, and yet it did not belong to me but to my Grandma.

After that morning, she didn’t visit me for months. One day I realized this and started “looking” but couldn’t sense her anywhere. I asked if she found a new body and got a “Yes.”

About two years later, she returned to me. At first I didn’t even realize that it was Babcia because she felt so different. She was way more expansive and enlightened. Her presence was powerfully free, loving, and peaceful. 
Now I call her “Babcia Consciousness.”