We are surrounded by entities, entities with physical form, body, and the non-physical ones, spirits, beings of light, earth spirits, as well as created entities. Everything that can be defined in any way is an entity, so the book you are writing, car you are driving, home you live in, business you own, are also entities.

When you first have an idea of creating a business or practice, you start flowing generative energy into this concept. As days and weeks go by and you have more ideas, talk to people, take action toward having the business become a reality, you keep fueling this energetic creation. At some point, enough energy accumulates to manifest as entity. It now has a name, likes, dislikes, preferences, its own vibrational signature, and potency. You have to remember that it is a reflection of your visions, enthusiasm, joy, but also, fears, doubts, and worries. 

My first business name, ten years ago, was “Quantum Transformation.” I had a beautiful and colorful website that I paid a lot of money for and was very proud of. I often wrote blogs that got a lot of attention. I updated the site regularly. After about five years, it got harder and harder for me to work on it. I felt that something was “off,” but resisted exploring the reason. After about a year of inactivity, I connected with the website and asked: “Do you still like being Quantum Transformations?” and I heard a loud “NO!” Since I changed so much over the five years since I launched my website and business, they changed as well. It became “Joy of Living.” Now it is transforming again into “The Illuminated Way.” 

If you have a business, practice, product, or community that you created or are a part of, I’m inviting you to explore your creation like I did. Sit comfortably, in a quiet space, take a deep breath, and relax. Tap into the energy of your business, sense its vibrations, its overall feeling. Is it bright, expansive, powerful, sparkly, and alive or dull, heavy, contracted, small, and weak? Do your best to just observe and not judge anything you perceive. Imagine it is a person in front of you, your partner and friend.

Now start asking questions, “How are you doing?”, “Would you like me to change anything in your structure?”, “What do you require of me today?”, “Do you like the person I would like to hire?”, “Are the people working with us a good match?” Please, be creative in your questions. Make them appropriate to your situation. Notice what you notice, “listen” with all your senses, what is coming to you? What do you get? You might hear an answer or it might appear as a thought. You might suddenly remember a name of the person you were supposed to call a long time ago or an idea you never implemented. Anything can happen when you communicate with your business. When you co-create it with congruency with your and its energetic priorities, visions and dreams, it will be more profitable and successful.

This technique, among others I can share with you, can be applied to communicating with your house, car, tools, job, friends, with any creation of yours. Your life will become more magical when you include all energies around you and co-create with them.