I am also an IHS Practitioner and teach number of classes:

Aligning with Soul Purpose

Clearing the Field

Empowered Manifestation

Maintaining Emotional Sovereignty

Upshifting Body Function

Enhancing Intuition

Each class is 2 hours long and costs $150 per person.

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About the Empowered Manifestation Class

The Empowered Manifestation Class takes a deeper dive into the topics listed
below as activations. You will experience each of the activations during class and
leave with a tool to call on and amplify the energy of what you experience in the
class. Class materials are provided and include an encoded crystal symbol card.
Topics of study:

Kingdom Within Activation – We all have a well of divine wisdom that is exclusively ours to
tap into. Often times the pathways and that offer us passage to this place within are blocked or
hidden from view. This activation helps to clear those pathways and connect the recipient with
remembrance of his/her divine power.
Cosmic Grid Set Alignment Activation – All parts of the Universe are in support of our success,
but when we are misaligned to clear communication, the Universe (or elements there-of) may
not receive our request for assistance as intended. This activation helps to align the internal and
external communication network components we use to speak to the Universe.
Activating a Summoner Field Activation – We are always summoning frequencies to our energy
fields even when we are not specifically intending to. If we are not capturing these frequencies
in an energetic “workspace”, they can dissipate before we make use of them. This activation
installs a secure energetic “workspace” in the energy field which helps the recipient to harness
and make use of frequencies that honor their objectives to the highest degree.
12 Field Navigation Activation – Our energy fields are incredibly complex, and in a regular day
we are processing frequencies that correspond with multiple different dimensions (or
dimensional spectrums of information). This activation sets up an energetic structure which
organizes the energy field and has it sort the different dimensional frequencies before
processing them.


About the Clearing Your Field Class:

The Clearing Your Field Class looks at 4 different ways to create energetic
clarity, increased energy flow, and high vibrational frequency in your energy field.
Class materials are provided and include an encoded crystal symbol card.

Topics of study:
Chakra Clearing – Your chakras represent the bridge between your internal energy
communication network and external forces of energetic communication. If these energy
processors are closed or are inhibiting energy passage in any way, your energy field is not able
to receive the most up-to-date communications. It is necessary to maintain your chakras, as well
as the other energetic elements of your communication networks to function to your highest
Purification – We hold the energy of memories in various layers of the energy field and we
often recycle these memories to “create” what comes next. When a memory no longer serves
our personal creation process, or the fear attached to the memory inhibits our growth in any
way, it is helpful to purge that energy through purification.
Filtration – The processing of energy is something that typically happens without management
at humanity’s current (collective) level of conscious awareness. When energy coming into or
out of the energy field is consciously and thoughtfully filtered, the quality of incoming and
outbound communications changes dramatically. Given that energetic communications inspire
action, events, and outcomes, filtration plays a monumental role in the personal creation
Energy Circuit – You have an internal communication network within your energy field that
serves as a closed circuit, recirculating energy once it is received. When this energy circuit is
unmanaged, it often recirculates energies which no longer serve you, or which create internal
conflict. These unfavorable energies materialize as unnecessary roadblocks. A little bit of
energy circuit management goes a long way!

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About the Maintaining Emotional Sovereignty Class:

The Maintaining Emotional Sovereignty Class takes a look at 4 different tools
which help you to navigate emotional entanglements and become an even more
powerful, willful, and sovereign generator of love. Class materials are provided and
include an encoded crystal symbol card.

Topics of study:

Aligning with Love – Love is the most potent creative energy, holding the power to neutralize
the presence of fear. Fear-based energies keep you bound to behaviors, thoughts and situations
that serve as crutches. When you trade fear for love, you are no longer beholden to anything that
exists outside self to find comfort.
Cosmic Eye Perspective – The Cosmic Eye sees all exchanges and events from the highest
possible perspective. It sees the potential and opportunity for growth in all things. When you are
able to tap into this higher perspective, you gain the ability to release judgments. Judgments
often reflect insecurities and are notorious for inspiring unmanaged emotional reactions.
Karma Release – We often maintain karmic ties to others even after the karmic debt is paid in
full. These lingering ties can feed emotional insecurities, cause confusion and block you from
moving forward in your emotional development. Taking measures to release karma that is of no
use to you anymore can help you create greater levels of emotional well-being and freedom in
your life. Additionally, accelerating the completion of current karmic ties can be freeing as well.
Emotional Mastery – We are moving into a new paradigm and area of spiritual study. The old
paradigm had us study all aspects of emotional reaction, so we were programmed to be driven
by a spectrum of emotions. In the new era we will be driven by our creativity, using emotions as
our fuel. Our emotions will be carefully chosen and managed to power our creations.
Emotionally mastery is essential to grow and thrive in the new paradigm.


About the Upshifting Body Function Class:

The Upshifting Body Function Class looks at how an awakened state of
consciousness upgrades the function of your physical body. Class materials are
provided and include an encoded crystal symbol card.

Topics of study:

Awakening – The reality you experience depends solely on your level of
consciousness. As you awaken further and your field of vision grows, so does your
ability to affect all parts of your reality at will. If you actively seek to grow your
consciousness, you are effectively opening yourself to experiences such as
heightened levels of good health and well-being.
Extraction – To fully enjoy the fruits that ripen with awakening, energies that feed
the old way of being must go. While the old energies will work their way out of
your field organically as your consciousness grows, if you take focused action by
targeting these old energies and extracting them, you will experience heightened
levels of well-being with great efficiency.

Source Codes – We are in partnership with the Universe at all times.

The body of the Universe holds information for you until you have grown enough spiritually to
receive it and use the knowledge in the way it is meant to be used. As you awaken,
your increased vibration signals the Universe to transfer and download energetic
codes that correspond with these vibrations.

Physical Upshift – Your body is a container that allows your soul to experience aphysical existence. When heightened states of consciousness are coupled with the
download of corresponding energetic coding, you will experience dramatic upshifts
in your physical body to prepare you for a new experience in a higher vibrating