“Ok, seriously. For real, you guys. For serious, now. Gosia is one of the MOST gifted, MOST talented clearers of illusory energy I have EVER had the pleasure of working with. She is not only a pleasure and a delight to be around, but her work is FAST, DEEP, STRONG and FUN!! I left a session with her two nights ago feeling lighter than I’ve EVER felt in my LIFE. And I’ve been working and digging and studying for 30 YEARS. I know I sound like I’m falsely gushing here, but I’m TELLING you, why this woman isn’t internationally renowned for her work yet, is beyond me. I’m thrilled to encourage you to GET WITH GOSIA… TODAY, my loves. Today. (She’s so good. Did I mention that?) Love and light and ponies, Katie”
Katie Rubin, CA https://www.katierubin.com

“I found myself in intensive care once again, on oxygen with double pneumonia that wasn’t responding to medication when Gosia, looking like the angel she is, showed up at my bedside. Her heartfelt compassion and healing hands pulled from me a deep-seated grief of which I’d not been aware. I quietly fell asleep. The next day my doctor came by to shake my hand and whisper in my ear “We thought we were loosing you…” and then exclaimed aloud “Look! All your tests are normal! It’s a miracle.”
Whether your situation is life threatening or just a matter of bliss, Gosia is an Earth-Angel you don’t want to miss.”
Pegi D., FL

“How can I describe Gosia to you in words? Though words won’t do her justice, I can tell you about my experience with her, which was mind-blowing literally. The universe sent her to me at a time I needed to let go of so many things. I had been crying straight for the two years prior to meeting her. Something prompted me to tell her about my traumatic and emotionally painful experience which was taking a toll on my everyday life and keeping me stuck, not letting me get ahead. Gosia said she could clear me of all of it. Now I wouldn’t usually let anyone work on me because my ego was saying, “I am a life coach and hypnotherapist, and I should know how to fix myself!” Again something prompted me to ask her to please work on me. After an hour and a half with her, I felt like a whole new me! I felt so light literally. I looked in the mirror, and I looked different like my eyes could see clearly a younger, happier, lifted me. My ears even cleared up.

Most of all, my mind felt freed from so many memories and emotions. Only the best stuff was left. I still have sessions with Gosia whenever she has time because we have so many lifetimes of trauma to clear. Every time, I am catapulted even more into bliss than I ever could have imagined. She is like a warrior angel on a mission to be of assistance to spread love and light wherever she is called. Thank you Universe for Gosia, and thank you Gosia for you!!!!”
Sanaz G, CA

“Gosia’s tenacity to get beneath the core to real you will leave you feeling richly rewarded, lighter, abundant and happy. She’s my go to for transformation. Nothing short of miraculous.”
Kevin Baluha, CO https://www.thetaalchemy.com

“I am 86, live in Marina Del Rey, and have met with Gosia for 4 months. I have terminal lung cancer. My sessions last 1-2 hours and results are amazing. My energy level restored, skin looks younger, and I am filled with joy and peace after each session. Gosia is always on time, very compassionate and loving. I am thankful she travels quite a distance from her home for me as I do not drive. I look forward to my sessions and Gosia’s loving presence.”
Judith G., CA

“Gosia is such an incredible facilitator when it comes to healing the mind, body and spirit. She is extremely knowledgeable, nurturing, and loving. She facilitates with all-knowingness, love, and joy, but no judgement. I grew in leaps and bounds after a few sessions with her. Make sure you take the opportunity to experience her loving presence and healings! You will NOT regret it!!”
Alisa J., FL

“Gosia’s one of my favorite people on the planet. She not only understands the human experience, she embraces it. She’s fun and enthusiastic and very real and easy to relate to.
Over the years I’ve encountered a lot of wonderful energy workers, and Gosia truly is one of the brightest. It’s been great working with her. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!”
Jeff Pagano, FL https://aviewfromthecurve.blog

Gosia is so very talented and gifted as a healer. When you have an opportunity to work with her or have her work on you, your life will never be the same – she is amazing. I highly recommend working with Gosia!”
Kathy Perry, FL https://kathyperry.com

“I have known Gosia for over 10 years.  I have watched her evolve and expand and take numerous courses, methods and techniques including my own!
Jimmy Mack, FL jimmymackhealing.com

“About the change… Oh, dear! It has really gone beyond words. The level of ease I am able to be and surround myself with, everything is happening quicker and with a lot more ease, and even my body feels lighter! I’ve also taught my sisters and mother pretty much all the basic tools and everyone is so grateful…The list goes on and on! The bottom line is I really see the huge amount of energy that was put into motion during your class and that even to this day keeps evolving, growing and changing my reality!
Can you perceive from there how grateful and joyful I am for all of that? No doubt you can…
I thank you wholeheartedly.”
Frederico Gabre, Brazil

“Thank you so very much for all of this that thanks to you I have!!!! I’m so grateful to have you in my life!!!! This course changed my life to a whole new other level filled with richness and only good things!!!! I am no longer scared of entities or demons!!!! That is huge for me and everything is becoming clearer everyday!!! Although my stomach was funky and I threw up 3 times on Sunday I feel that’s just a release of all the junk that no longer serves me any more!!!Abundance of blessings and Love!!!”
Melva C, FL

“I felt like Gosia had lifted years of weight that I had by trying to suppress my true self. So much positive energy I just need to direct now! Lots of simple ways to help ward away negativity, (in a positive way)!  The encouragement of participant interaction was awesome as well and really added personal help and learning through others experiences! With much thanks!”
Kara, CA