I was born and raised in Poland. At a very early age, I became interested in holistic health, spirituality, metaphysics, dowsing and personal empowerment. 

By living in seven countries on three continents and traveling extensively, I encountered many inspirational people and experienced multitude of empowering moments. 

 Throughout the years I completed countless trainings, programs, courses, classes, and workshops (Silva Method, Extrasensory Perception, Reiki, Dowsing, BodyTalk System, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, EFT, Break Through, MindScape, Spiritual Life Coaching, Access Consciousness™, Talk To The Entities™, meditation, yoga).  

I have been studying self exploration for most of my life and the last ten years I spent traveling all over the United States, Canada, and to multiple countries in South America, Europe, and Africa, teaching classes and workshops on various subjects, including: consciousness, awareness, women empowerment, psychic abilities, spirit awareness and communication, health and energy healing, abundance, relationships, creation, receiving, business, and many more. 

Clients hire me to expand what is possible for them, eliminate energetic blocks, and explode their results. I assist them to create everything they desire trough releasing limitations, painful past, experiences and events and raising their vibrations.

I am here to invite you to the world of infinite possibilities, awareness, change and radiant joy with total ease!